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Chris’s abilities are amazing!  During one of our sessions, my paternal grandmother came through with pertinent, specific advice about my health.    I promptly set up an appointment with my doctor to address my heart condition.

During the same reading, my mother in law, who passed 6 months prior, came through.  She was standing behind my husband to let us know she is always with him!  

Both my husband and I have lost both our parents.  I always knew in my heart that they were with us but to get this confirmation and direct messages has been such a blessing.  When Chris connects with my loved ones, I am always so grateful and blessed!  Tears of joy, relief and peace wash over me!  It truly is life changing.  

My husband and I just got married lass than a week ago.  We eloped! As we were exchanging vows, a feeling of sadness washed over me because I wasn’t sure if our parents were with us to witness this momentous event, after being together 17 years.

Today, Chris was able to channel my Mom.  She was at our ceremony!  What a blessing to know she was there!  I can’t stop crying today, tears of joy mainly!  

I highly recommend Chris to anyone that wants to hear from their loved ones that have passed on.  Her gifts are truly incredible!

- Kera Manley Vigil 


I can not thank this lady enough for devoting nearly 5 hours of her time to me today and 3 hours of her time from yesterday. She has brought me more peace then I could of ever imagined! The things she told me certainly pulled the puzzle together. She helped me find the reasons to all of the supernatural activity going on in my house.  

I more then highly recommend her! I mean it ! sSe's absolutely amazing and has healed my heart and brought me so much clarity. 

So many milestones still ahead but I'm glad its you that's helping me in a way I thought nobody ever could.

If I didn't say it before I will say it again if anybody needs a reading or you need to find comfort knowing your loved ones are at rest or are near or either, or if you just need a peace in your heart, Chris is the person to talk to.  

She won't give you false information and she will do her upmost best for anything you need!  Worth every pound you'll spend believe me!!!

To Chris: 

Thank you my lovely xx

Shania Wayne Wright (& Bailey)

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