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Looking To The Stars

From a young age, I realized that I wasn’t like everyone else. While other children were playing with toys, I was experiencing strange sensations which I now know were interactions with greater powers, so much bigger and stronger than myself. You can only imagine the hardships I overcame throughout my teenage years, realizing more and more that I had a gift that I couldn’t ignore.

When I came to terms with my abilities I decided to utilize them to help others. If you feel like you’re in need of guidance, I am here to let you know you don’t have to face your difficulties alone. Contact me today and begin healing.


"To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge"



A Spiritual Reading

Whether this is your first visit to my site, or you’re a returning visitor, I’d like to thank you for believing. I have been given the gift of Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Medium abilities. I am a Channeler, Empath, and Energy Healer, (similar to Reiki) with years of life experience. I have been blessed with unique abilities that allow me to help others on their own path to self discovery, happiness and love; and I am willing and ready to help you. Together we will journey into connection with the Divine, and with Spirit, seeking guidance and answers, receiving messages for our highest and greatest good on this Earth Mission. My goal is to help you find the key to open the gates for your own ascension, to find your purpose in your life. Contact me to experience a life changing, paradigm shifting transformation.


Sacramento California

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