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Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2 Mac

I had a lot of trouble getting a com.steinberg.Virtual Guitarist 2.plist file because my old Macintosh HD crashed.But now I am happy. My VG2 works fine.I created a new (empty) com.steinberg.Virtual Guitarist 2.plist file in TextWrangler and pasted the following text in the newly created file (without the 2 lines)

Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2 Mac

Download File:

Use any common burning software to create installation DVDs from the ISO images. On Mac OS X and Windows 8 or later, ISO images can be opened as virtual drives directly by double-click. To be able to do so on older Windows releases, you need for instance "WinCDEmu".

Of course, the aim of both products is to achieve credible guitar parts within a musical project, so we figured that a comparative review might be in order, to find out which virtual guitarist is best at this in practice?

The centre section features a guitar neck display which shows the fingering being simulated by Real Guitar 2L during playback. Real Guitar 2L features samples from every fret of every string, and it is therefore possible to simulate the differences created by playing particular chords or notes in different neck positions. One way of controlling this is to change the virtual Capo position on the neck, although an Auto mode also tries to simulate this variability depending upon the part being played.

From a technical point of view, creating your own performances with Real Guitar 2L works in exactly the same fashion, but you have to play both the chord sequence and the various Repeat Key options. Doing this in one recording pass (or trying to do it 'live' in a performance context) does take a little practice. However, this is no different from keyswitching with any multisample-based virtual instrument (such as those found in many orchestral libraries), and very realistic results can be created with a little practice. It is also possible to record the chord data and the control data in two separate passes and, initially at least, I found this easier to do while I found my way around the Real Guitar 2L control system.

The contents of the FX Page don't require too much by way of explanation, and a 'virtual stomp box' approach has been adopted throughout. Three amp models are provided (solid state, tube, and rectifier), with increasing amounts of distortion available through the range. Four different speaker cabinets are simulated, and there is a choice of two microphone types and two positions. Effects presets can be loaded, and user configurations saved, via the browser section. The stomp-box effects all work pretty well and, while the amp/cabinet modelling is not as versatile or sophisticated as a dedicated unit such as the Line 6 PodXT, the whole package is very easy to use.

Well, my company got acquired by Digidesign in 2005 and we all joined Digi as their AIR Group. Steinberg had the right to keep selling product for 2 more years, but that was it. Digidesign had no interest in doing a Virtual Guitarist 3 and I went on in 2008 to start UJAM as a cloud-based music creation service. I took Paul and a few other members of the team along on the ride. So we took a break from virtual instruments for a few years.


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