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[S1E22] Deja Vu All Over Again UPDATED

  • Ass Pull: Prue gets a deja vu during the second day for no apparent reason. Phoebe gets them because they're tied to her premonition power. It seems very inconsistent to have Prue get one as well when Piper doesn't appear to.

  • Evil Is Cool: Inspector Rodriguez succeeds in killing two Charmed Ones (and kills Phoebe twice) by remembering his previous mistakes. He also proves himself a Magnificent Bastard by framing Andy for the murder of his partner (that he himself caused) and backs him into a corner threatening to expose Prue as a witch.

  • Harsher in Hindsight: The sisters consider letting time reverse to save Andy's life, but Prue decides against it so as not to risk everyone else's. In Season 3's finale, time resetting to save the lives of two Charmed Ones results in Prue's permanent death.

  • Magnificent Bastard: Tempus, the Demon of Time, is a charismatic, laid back upper-level demon with the ability to control time. Tempus contacts and makes a deal with Inspector Rodriguez to have the Charmed Ones gather in one place, telling him he has a way to "allow him to improve from his mistakes". Tempus creates a "Groundhog Day" Loop which resets upon Rodriguez's death and sets time to earlier on in the day, and uses it as a way to contact and help Rodriguez improve his method for killing the Charmed Ones. Tempus ensures that each loop stays exactly the same but for the way that the Charmed Ones are killed, to ensure its effectiveness and lead to victory being only one loop away.

[S1E22] Deja Vu All Over Again

Rodriguez calls in Andy and tells him that a supernatural being killed Anderson. He also knows Prue is a witch and wants to meet her. He will drop all charges against Andy, if Prue can help him find Anderson's killer. Andy pretends to scoff at the notion of Prue being a witch. Darryl enters; Andy says he needs to talk to Prue right away. Darryl reveals that Prue just called and wants to talk to him as well. Piper is at Quake planning a segment for the Food Network. She spilled marinara sauce on her dress, and asks Phoebe to bring her a new one. Across the street from the manor, a neighbor's car is hit. Prue has a newspaper announcing that Andy is suspected in Anderson's death. Phoebe takes the newspaper and has a premonition of herself and Piper bending over Andy's lifeless body. He looked as if he'd been hurled across the room by a demon or warlock.

Phoebe has a deja vu experience. She believes the day is repeating, but Prue doesn't believe her. She hears the neighbor's car being hit again. Prue shows Phoebe the newspaper and Phoebe recognizes it, and the premonition.

Phoebe, again, has her deja vu experience. She leads Prue to the window and shows her the neighbor's car being hit. She also tells Prue of her premonition, without having touched the newspaper. She's now convinced that they're caught in some sort of time loop and that she's the only one who recognizes this. 041b061a72


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