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XMind ZEN 9.2.1 Build 201906120058 Win 9.1.3 Mac Portable €? WORK

xmind has a natural layout that is easy to learn and is easy to use. you can create maps and to-do lists, and they are immediately visible in the right pane. the maps appear in a list, and each item is a map, and each list item is a to-do list. this is a good layout because you can either have a list of maps and a list of to-do lists or a list of to-do lists and a list of maps. if you want to have a map or to-do list, it will snap to the side of the pane, which is really helpful when you have to browse a number of them. the application does allow you to change the sizes of the maps and to-do lists, and the pivot point where they snap to.

XMind ZEN 9.2.1 Build 201906120058 Win 9.1.3 Mac Portable –

xmind works with a large variety of databases. there is support for the spatial database esri, which is required for zen users. there is also the spatial adapter, which allows you to use the gis database that you are already using. there is a built-in esri map database, a google map database, and a point database.

to start with xmind zen has an impressive array of objects and symbols. you have about 55 different objects, and each has a range of symbols that you can assign to them. you can also add custom icons, and these can be added to maps or groups of maps. the symbol libraries are customizable, and you can add or delete symbols in the libraries.

this first time i tried it, i was using the gimp image editor to add some text and shapes to the map. after creating a new project, i tried to add a person by clicking on the name in the left pane. (you can see it in the top-right corner of the map.) nothing happened. i clicked the create a task button to add a task. i wanted to create a task named "get a new book." (you can create tasks by using the name of the task you want to create.) after creating the task, i clicked the sync button in the left pane. now, when i create a new map in xmind, the new map is linked to the nozbe task manager. i'm able to create a task using my nozbe account and it appears in my xmind map.


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