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60 to 90 minutes

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Booking for a Past Life Regression today can help you unlock knowledge, wisdom, strength, and sources of healing that your soul already knows but that your conscious mind has forgotten...Past life regression is based on the theory and belief that our souls, also known as our higher self, our wise self, our archetype, experience more than one lifetime. Reincarnation is a belief that has existed globally in many religions, and also outside of religious practices, for eons. Many sage individuals have already chosen to seek answers for their current life's questions by participating in Past Life Regression Therapy, and gotten nearly miraculous results. Mysterious injuries keep happening on the left side of your body? Incredibly painful headaches or other pain with no apparent cause? In many cases, Past Life Regression Therapy may lead to the answers, and often resolutions, about the cause of such unexplained situations. Additional services such as personally channeling during your session may be available at an additional nominal fee. This is available upon request and the fee is necessary as channeling can be very taxing on your provider.

Please be aware that Past Life Regression Therapy is not guaranteed to produce any specific result, and results and experiences may vary on a case by case basis. This service does not take the place of medical or psychiatric advice or service, and should not be considered medical advise, psychological or psychiatric advise, or legal advice. Please seek consultation with a medical, psychological, psychiatric, or legal professional if you are experiencing any life-threatening conditions.

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