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Oce Plotwave 300 Service Manual

Demo, Pre-Owned, Refurbished or Repossessed EquipmentWe test all of our machines and repair/replace any faulty part to ensure that it works. Most of the machines comes with service care program from 30 days to 3 years with in the GTA area. For outside GTA, provinces and USA, please contact our sales representative for special peace of mind service care program.

oce plotwave 300 service manual

Maintaining a fleet of hundreds of wide-format systems is quite a task. Our service team stays busy keeping up with preventive maintenance contracts as well as occasional emergency calls. But, the truth is, many machine failures can be prevented by diligent end-user care. To help keep your Océ or Canon plotter running smoothly, the TAVCO Service Team compiled a list of the most common errors along with the top plotter tips and tricks to keep your equipment working smoothly.

Every carton (box) of Océ toner includes two bottles of toner and one replacement waste toner receptacle. The purpose of the waste toner container is to deposit the residual toner dust from the drum after every print. So, over time, this container fills. Often users get busy or simply forget to change the waste toner container resulting in a toner back up that can damage internal components, leading to an extensive and possibly expensive service call. So, be diligent and change the waste toner every other time you add new toner to the Océ plotter.

With regards to large-format scanning, the number one service issue is the presence of lines on copies or scans. A dirty scan glass is usually the prime suspect in this case. This is because, if your scanning surface has particles, tape, white out, or other material stuck to it, a long, solid line will appear on your sheet. The good news is, this is an easy fix. Simply keep scanner glass clean. Although most scan glass can be cleaned with household window cleaner, our techs want to stress that you DO NOT spray cleaner directly on the machine. Instead, spray a cloth or paper towel and gently rub the scanning area until clean.

Take your time when removing paper jams from Océ units if they get a paper jam. Be sure to open the panels that pull the internal mechanics away from the drum allowing for more space so the paper can easily slide through the paper path. Excessively pulling, tugging, or jerking the paper out of the machine could potentially damage the drum which could be a costly accident as misuse damage may not be covered under a service contract. Also, removing jammed paper with undue force could potentially move the internal guide fingers out of position. If this happens, the machine will generate an error code and will not function until they are replaced in the correct position.

Job submissionCreate, retrieve and/or send jobs from drivers (Océ Wide format Printer Driver 2 for Microsoft Windows, Océ PostScript 3 driver for Microsoft Windows or Apple OS ), external locations (SMB, FTP, LPR, WebDav), Mobile devices via Océ Express WebTools and Océ Publisher Mobile, USB flash drive, Cloud services and optional Home folder(LDAP).1-click printing from USB, 1-click printing from last send jobs via Print SmartAccess on Océ ClearConnect user panel. The Smart Inbox on the Océ ClearConnect user panel enables job preview: swipe between your jobs for print selection and preview. Pan to view the image in detail (zoom).With the template oriented Publisher Select 2 submitter for Microsoft Windows, multiple files are supported. Print multiple times, and sort by page or set. Media saving automatically rotates print files to optimize media usage.

Print managementView counter history at preferred time periods, per job or total overview. View, create, edit and delete stamp templates.Optional uniFLOW support, login your personal uniFLOW Queue on the ClearConnect User interface. Supports manual authentication and card readers


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