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Wic Reset Utility.reset Key 1825 !!BETTER!!

Description: The i.MX6 ULL's watchdog is used to reset the SoC on reboot. The watchdog is configured to use the SoC's internal reset signal which does not generate a reset pulse on nRESET_OUT. Change the watchdog configuration to use a SoC external HW signal.This will additionally change the 'Reset cause' message from U-Boot from WDOG to POR. Note that the bmode_usb application in Linux no longer works due to the reset cause change.The behaviour in U-Boot has not been changed, the U-Boot command 'bmode usb' works as before.

wic reset utility.reset key 1825

Description: Forward ported commit 7ad9771527d2 ("apalis-tk1: fix PCIe reset for reliable gigabit Ethernet operation") was never validated. Turns out it does not work and may lead to PCIe gigabit bring-up issues.

Description: The new Apalis iMX6 Mezzanine board allows access to the MIPI-CSI2 interface.The current device tree has different GPIO assignments for the camera reset and power pins.Change the pin assignment to use Apalis GPIO1 for reset and Apalis GPIO2 for power down.

Description: So far in U-Boot we violated the PCIe reset timing specification and in Linux we did not do anything about doing the PCIe reset unisono with the separately switchable voltage rail of the gigabit Ethernet chip.

Workaround: Either power-cycle or make sure you are running at a higher DVFS state upon hardware reset. A fix for this called 'apalis/colibri_t30: improve vdd core pmic handling' may be found on our U-Boot 2016.11-toradex-next branch.

Description: A low percentage of modules don't boot reliably because of the bootrom not handling the eMMC correctly. This leads to non booting modules. Using reset solves the problem, a power-cycle mostly works too.

Description: While on the Apalis Evaluation board the PCIe switch as well as plugged-in (mini-)PCIe cards usually get detected actual operation may fail.On Ixora PCIe may fail due to a device reset/initialisation timing issue.

Description: When rebooting the system using software reboot Linux can leave the PHY in an undefined state (e.g. down) in which case Ethernet may not work in U-Boot unless a hardware reset is performed.

Workaround: Currently the only thing known to help is power-cycling or sometimes also doing a reset. As the issue is probably dependant on operating conditions such as temperature varying this might also help. We are working together with NVIDIA to find a good software workaround for this issue.

Workaround: From U-Boot, use the following commands to properly use the `fdt_board` variable:```setenv fdtfilesetenv fdt_board $carrier_board # e.g. setenv fdt_board dahliasaveenvreset```replacing `$carrier_board` with the actual carrier board name according to the dtb filename.

Description: After entering suspend (e.g. using `systemctl suspend`), it is not possible to reboot the module by pressing the reset button. If the RTC battery is added, it is also not possible to reboot the module by turning on and off the power.

Workaround: A complete system reset is still supported. However, the default ATF does a partition reset, not a board reset. It will have to be modified to do a board reset. It will need to call sc_pm_reset() rather than sc_pm_reboot() or sc_pm_reboot_partition(). So from the customer's perspective, this was a change in ATF that they will have to revert. They should be porting ATF for their use case anyway.

Description: If the watchdog on Colibri iMX7 gets triggered and the module is reset without power-cycling, then the watchdog does not get disabled. This is due to the errata #e10574 described in Errata NXP Document ( _2N09P.pdf), which described that the internal watchdog of the i.MX 7 SoC is not working properly. Therefore, the hardware watchdog as integrated in the PIMIC is used on our module to provide the watchdog functionality. Unfortunately, this hardware watchdog can only be reset by a full power-cycle of the module.

Description: U-Boot does not de-assert the RESET_MOCI signal.RESET_MOCI needs to be pulled during PCIe driver initialization sequence. In order to not reset again during Linux boot we do not de-assert RESET_MOCI in the bootloader.Due to this all components on the carrier board connected to RESET_MOCI are kept in their reset state too. On the Evaluation Board that is notably the USB Hub and a display connected to the Unified Interface Display Connector.


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